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Model-Based Off-Nominal State Identification and Detection


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Real-time fault detection and identification for increased autonomy

MONSID software provides health assessment of system hardware. The software is comprised of a lightweight engine and a user-supplied physics-based model of the physical system that it monitors for off-nominal behavior.

  • Models need to describe nominal behavior only. This is a key point! Fault models are not necessary. The model captures operational intent; it is faster and easier to model correct behavior rather than building and maintaining elusive and time-consuming fault models.
  • MONSID can help uncover both unexpected and unintended behaviors. This allows your teams to be more effective in all lifecycle phases.
  • Design models earlier during system characterization. This allows you to bring fault management/health assessment into your program earlier.
  • MONSID can be paired with other on-board or remote systems that are responsible for fault response and recovery.

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MONSID products include the Standard Package Core Library and the MONSID Toolkit. Credit Okean Solutions.

MONSID Products

MONSID products include the "Standard Package" Core Library and the MONSID Toolkit, a web application that enables users to visually interact with models and examine the fault detection and identification process.

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Okean Solutions Services

Okean Solutions Services include consulting, installation, modelling, reporting and output diagnosis, and software development and customization.