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Model-Based Off-Nominal State Identification and Detection



MONSID is a cutting-edge model-based software system designed to detect and identify faults. We offer flexible packages to meet your system health assessment requirements. MONSID can be implemented to provide real-time fault monitoring and health assessment for your system. MONSID tools support diagnostic model development and health data analysis.

MONSID® Software Development Kit v4.18

Core and Engine Libraries

  • Compact, modular and cross platform
  • Languages supported: C++ 11, C# .Net Core, C 99
  • API allows you to create your own tools and customizations
  • Library reference, developer's guide and examples

Command line tools

  • MONSID Executive (monsid-exec) runs the MONSID Engine with your custom model and data​.
  • Create playback files for use in the MONSID Toolkit​.
  • Facilitates testing on local workstations.
  • Command-line Utility (monsid-cli) provides support functionality to verify model development​ post-process playback files create model definitions for use with the MONSID Toolkit.
MONSID: Core Library, User Models, Engine, Custom Executive. Credit Okean Solutions.

MONSID Toolkit

  • Visual model design
  • Post-run analysis
  • Diagnosis visualization
  • Model validation and verification
  • Analyze fault diagnosis resolution using model topology

The MONSID Toolkit web application allows MONSID users to visually interact with models.

In the Toolkit, model developers can edit MONSID models and also build new models. MONSID model topology can be analyzed to predict fault isolation granularity (diagnostic resolution) prior to system implementation.

System engineers can play back and inspect diagnostic results, including fault detection and identification details. Project teams can collaborate and share models and data via tool libraries.

The Toolkit:

  • Allows users with minimal MONSID API knowledge to work with MONSID models and look at MONSID data;
  • Allows teams to share, reuse, and build on existing models;
  • Supports model and system test and verification; and
  • Supports different user persona in performing FM tasks.
MONSID model design example. Credit Okean Solutions.

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