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Model-Based Off-Nominal State Identification and Detection


MONSID Benefits

MONSID® is a model-based fault management system designed to help engineers and operators maximize hardware reliability and functionality. MONSID is one of the most flexible and easy-to-implement fault detection and identification for embedded and low-resource systems.

MONSID can run successfully on small systems with as little as 64k RAM and 400 Mhz of processing power. You can run state of the art model-based fault management on your hardware!

Production and Operations

MONSID models are like digital twins that model the nominal (expected) behavior of your hardware and can be used in the lab, onboard the actual system hardware, in the control room, or wherever you need to know and understand the health state of your system.

MONSID is a cost-effective, critical component of autonomous system design.

  • Designed for integration with complex systems.
  • Real-time system monitoring helps anticipate and schedule maintenance cycles and optimize operations.
  • By incorporating FM early in the design cycle, hardware design flaws can be addressed before production, reducing costs and time to market.
  • Deep-dive analysis of collected telemetry supports system operators.
  • Reach higher levels of onboard autonomy by pairing MONSID with advanced planners and schedulers.
  • Precise health state feedback allows systems to respond more autonomously to failures as well as degradations.
MONSID benefits - production and operations - a MONSID model of the AFRL's high-fidelity test platform allowed operators to immediately see and understand the health status of the attitude control system. Credit Okean Solutions.
MONSID benefits - Production and Operations
By serving as a digital twin, MONSID can give operators effective insights to their systems. Here a MONSID model of the AFRL's high-fidelity test platform allowed operators to immediately see and understand the health status of the attitude control system.

Integration and Test

The MONSID framework facilitates hardware unit testing. With today’s increasingly complex and interconnected systems, MONSID also provides confidence that your system is working properly as a whole.

Bugs are expensive, and if you can find them in development versus in the field, it could mean the difference between a small project delay versus a complete mission failure.

  • Supports early Verification & Validation (V&V) and Integration Testing.
  • Find problems earlier in the development cycle.
  • Find problems in related systems.
  • Understand your hardware and software configuration more thoroughly.
  • MONSID is effective for sensor-poor systems, making for easier FM retrofits into legacy systems.
  • Find and address control software and operation errors sooner for improved risk management. MONSID is the perfect solution to support continual integration and development (CI/CD) cycles.
MONSID benefits - Integration and Test - hard-to-detect command fault found in the rover. Credit Okean Solutions.
MONSID benefits - Integration and Test
MONSID found a hard-to-detect command fault in the rover.

System Health Assessment

Traditional fault management monitor-response techniques monitor individual signals to detect a set of pre-defined fault modes. This does not scale well as hardware system complexity increases, and it lacks visibility into overall system behavior.

MONSID can expose faults and deviations from expected behavior instead of just monitoring for a finite, pre-determined set of faults.

MONSID is a great complement to any existing fault response mechanism. Integrating MONSID helps make existing and new solutions even better.

  • MONSID relies on modeling nominal behavior. This is the key to MONSID and better fault management (FM).
  • The same model can be used in a variety of scenarios: testing, ground operations, and onboard analysis, making your investment go farther.
  • Provides more comprehensive fault coverage than traditional fault monitors/limit checkers.
  • Detects unknown and unexpected behaviors.
  • Allows engineering teams to incorporate fault management from day one. Don’t wait until a system has been completely designed to retrofit an FM solution.
  • MONSID can be used to conduct sensor placement trade studies during the design process.
  • Iterative diagnostics can suggest new behaviors to model for even better prediction.
MONSID benefits - System Health Assessmen - MONSID can be an integral part of your autonomy stack. Credit Okean Solutions.
MONSID benefits - System Health Assessment
MONSID can be an integral part of your autonomy stack.

Software Development

The MONSID SDK is a modern, flexible toolset to quickly get your fault management project set up, running, and providing valuable feedback.

Extensive modeling and development guides, examples, and tools help engineers and developers get the most out of MONSID.

  • MONSID is a C++ 11 library designed for cross-platform development.
  • Our customers have used MONSID on frameworks like ROS, cFS and F’.
  • With a small CPU footprint and minimal RAM requirements, MONSID can be utilized on single board computers and SOC systems.
  • The SDK includes binaries and command-line tools for Windows, macOS, and Linux.
  • The MONSID Toolkit web application allows model visualization and analysis, streaming of diagnostic data, and subsequent playback of data for offline analysis.
  • Explainability is the key to trusted code – use the Toolkit with the command line tools to understand more fully how your model works with the MONSID Engine.
  • Model libraries can be created and subsequently used for new hardware configurations and product lines.
  • Model reusability is an important benefit of a flexible FM system. The same model can be used across different user scenarios (e.g. in the lab, on a system, as a telemetry post-analysis) or across different projects (i.e. once a model is built, it could be used for the next hardware release). Build it once, use it many times to lower your non-recurring engineering (NRE) cost.
MONSID benefits - Software Development - Develop more efficiently with the MONSID Tooklit. Run MONSID remotely or on board; view real-time and/or recorded analysis results. Credit Okean Solutions.
MONSID benefits - Software Development
MONSID offers developers both SDK and a web application for more efficient development with real-time and/or recorded analysis results.