MONSID logo. Credit Okean Solutions.
Model-Based Off-Nominal State Identification and Detection


Okean Solutions Consulting

Consulting, Installation, Modelling, Reporting / Output diagnosis, Software Development and Customization

Okean Solutions is a consulting company that can help your team realize their goals. We’ve designed, developed and tested MONSID since 2013. We know the ins and outs of the technology. We have a combined engineering experience of 70+ years in satellite control systems, embedded systems, airplane and spacecraft avionics, modeling and simulation, and software architecture and development.

You can choose how to best to integrate the MONSID experts – we can fully lead the design and development efforts as you implement MONSID into your system, or we can be the experts who help your team learn the ropes of this exciting new fault management technique.

Either way, we’ll be there to help you!

By working with our team, you’ll:

  • Benefit from the experience of people who have already worked on a variety of fault management projects. Experience counts!
  • Be able to incorporate MONSID into your existing fault response/autonomy systems faster.
  • Be able to understand how to best design your models.
  • Be able to implement MONSID faster.
  • Learn how to better tailor MONSID to your needs.
  • Receive training so you can become an effective MONSID user.

Some ways Okean Solutions Consulting can help:

  • Shorten implementation time, avoid costly model development mistakes;
  • Increase your team's knowledge base;
  • Install MONSID on target hardware and software;
  • Assist with health assessment goals based on available command and sensor data;
  • Develop models based on your specifications;
  • Integrate with your planning and scheduling;
  • System characterization.