MONSID Features

The core library defines all the objects that can be utilized to create User Models. MONSID models represent the nominal structure and behavior of the physical system application. The MONSID model approach provides the library creators and developers opportunities to create models that can work with new, yet-to-be-defined types. Once the Model Engineer has completed modeling the system, the Model Developer can then implement the model.

The Console Executive provided with the MONSID package is used to run the MONSID Engine in an easy-to-use console application. The application consumes a CSV text file and runs data through a specified User Model. It is actively used in unit testing as the main piece of the “full engine run” tests and also serves as an example for the creation of custom tailor-made executives.

How it works

  • MONSID diagnostic engine uses a nominal behavioral model of the physical system

  • Sensor and command data are propagated through the MONSID system model

  • System health state determined by checking the consistency of the model-predicted behavior with the sensor input data.



  • Mechanical systems

  • Electrical systems

  • Fluid flow

  • Propulsion systems

  • And more