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Model-Based Off-Nominal State Identification and Detection


About Okean Solutions, Inc.

Okean Solutions is a Seattle-based agile small business that responds efficiently to evolving customer needs. Since the company’s founding in 2010, Okean Solutions has worked with companies and government agencies in the aerospace and defense sectors. Our employees have a wide and deep knowledge in fault management systems, spacecraft attitude control systems, flight mechanics, modeling and simulation, and application development.

In addition to creating our flagship FM software product MONSID®, Okean’s engineering team also provides a full spectrum of services from model development to ongoing mission support.

On October 1, 2022, Okean Solutions became a Woman Owned Small Business (WOSB). Read more here...

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MONSID® is a premiere model-based fault detection and isolation software package that provides a clear, continuous confirmation of health status under nominal and anomalous conditions. MONSID’s unmatched capability makes it easy to use across different project phases from system development to hardware integration to real-time, on-board analysis.

We have integrated MONSID into many open-source and custom frameworks, allowing our customers to add to or improve their system’s responsiveness to anomalies. These frameworks include some of the most common currently in service: NASA’s core Flight Software (cFS), the Robot Operating System (ROS), and NASA’s F’ (F Prime).

MONSID was initially developed under a 2015 NASA Phase I project and a 2016 NASA Phase II SBIR project. In support of MONSID model design and analysis we created a host of tools including MONSID Toolkit, which was developed under a 2018 NASA Phase 2x project.

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About the Founders

Ksenia Kolcio
President, Okean Solutions, Inc.

Ksenia Kolcio is the President and co-founder of Okean Solutions, Inc., where she leads the aerospace systems business activities. She has been PI and supported several Phase I, II, III, and BAA programs for NASA and AFRL.

Focus areas include spacecraft fault management and GN&C technologies and analysis tools. Ksenia has successfully proposed, negotiated and executed Phase I, II, and III contracts with the AFRL and NASA to develop fault management for responsive spacecraft. She also collaborated with other small businesses on NASA Phase II/III programs to develop x-ray based navigation technologies (XNAV) and user interface and measurement models for navigation mission prototyping tools (GSFC ODTBX).

Prior to forming Okean Solutions, Ksenia was employed at Microcosm, Inc. as a Senior Systems/GN&C Engineer. There she provided algorithm development, simulation/analysis, SBIR program technical lead/management, as well as hardware and software development support. Projects included miniaturized three-axis attitude and navigation sensor solutions, Lunar gravity sensor concept, control simulation for free-floating space telescope mirrors.

Ksenia started her career at Northrop Grumman Space Technology (NGST) in the Avionics Systems Center. She was the lead autonomy and fault management engineer for two classified programs responsible for the FM architecture design and requirements flow down and traceability. On the NPOES program she developed flight vehicle simulator architecture for operator training and procedure checkout. She was also testbed lead engineer on the AEHF Gimbal Control Subsystem responsible for the design, build-up, integration of the testbed simulator and test harness, resulting in successful on-time verification. At the beginning of her career at NGST, Ksenia was a control system engineer for internal research and development projects, such as the optical intersatellite link program and the autonomous onboard processing initiative where she worked on applying a model-based FM system to spacecraft GN&C systems.


Ph.D., Electrical Engineering, University of Cincinnati, 1997
B.S., Electrical Engineering, University of Toronto, 1990

Maurice Prather
Vice President, Okean Solutions, Inc.

Maurice Prather is the Vice President and co-founder of Okean Solutions, Inc. Since starting the company in 2010, Maurice has been an integral part of the IT and Engineering divisions of the company. He has worked as a systems architect, trainer, content author, and software developer in addition to helping manage the company.

Maurice has worked in the aerospace and software industry his entire professional career. After graduate school, Maurice moved to Seattle, WA to work for Boeing’s Commercial Airplane division. While working at Boeing, Maurice helped maintain applications built on Fortran 77 and proprietary software critical to the community noise and flight operations groups. After working with the engineering teams at Boeing, Maurice decided to focus on software development for business systems. He spent nearly 7 years working at Microsoft developing and maintaining a variety of testing harness tools and applications as member of the Office team. After leaving Microsoft, Maurice worked as a consultant, helping customers design and implement business critical applications (web applications, databases, and services).

Maurice has been an integral part in the development of the MONSID API and toolset (written in C#, C++, C for both Windows and Linux platforms), which began in 2016. He has led the successful delivery of software for a variety of NASA JPL fault management projects. He also works with messaging frameworks such as ROS and cFS.


M.S., Mechanical Engineering, University of Alabama, 1996
B.S., Aerospace Engineering, University of Alabama, 1993

Okean Partners

Aptillon, Inc.

Aptillon, Inc. provides high-level technical consulting services and flexible, custom and creative solutions to business problems, specializing in Microsoft 365 support and development and custom web application and desktop development using modern frameworks.

Okean Solutions has worked with the Aptillon team on a variety of projects since 2010, including a Phase II-X to help develop the MONSID Toolkit. Aptillon brings a wealth of experience in software architecture, development of server- and client-side applications and web-based tools to this effort.

Okean Solutions and Aptillon have been trusted partners for over twelve years. Such long-standing business relationships provide benefits of scale, the economics of common processes and reliable communication that significantly expand the capability of both companies.


O3 Consulting, Inc.

O3 Consulting provides business consulting, including market and competitor research, evaluation, planning and online marketing implementation services to small and medium businesses and organizations including Okean Solutions.

O3 developed and maintains the MONSID website, designs marketing materials for Okean Solutions, and supports proposal development.

In addition to these services, O3 has been providing Technical and Business Assistance (TABA) on Okean Solutions SBIR contracts since 2021. O3 works with Okean, providing competitor research, including commercial competitors and SBIR competitors, market analysis, intellectual property research and recommendations, and marketing and branding research and recommendations. The company leads the evolution of Okean’s business strategy, business model, and commercialization plan to expand the appeal of Okean and MONSID to commercial partners and customers.

In 2022, Okean and O3 were awarded a two-year NASA Phase II project: Fault Management Analysis Tool For Model Centric Systems Engineering, including additional TABA work to expand the commercialization and business planning that was begun in Phase I An exciting Phase II task will be to update the Competitor Analysis Tool started in Phase I. Read more about a recent project that benefits from the TABA work at /news/okean-solutions-selected-for-a-nasa-sbir-program-phase-ii-award/.

Additional company services include evaluation, design and creation of websites, social media marketing, email marketing, usability evaluation, writing, and website hosting and security.


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